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Advantages of corporal punishment Corporal punishment saves a lot of time

The advantages and disadvantages of corporal punishment?

Yet, as the late philosopher John Wilson argued, the very notion of a rule collapses unless there are unpleasant consequences for breaking them. Without a sanction, a rule is merely advice that may or may not be followed. Wilson listed as advantages of corporal punishment as compared with other types of deterrent:

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Given that even the data suggesting that very rare instances of mild corporal punishment do have some negative effects also suggest that the effects are not substantial, there is a strong likelihood that they could be overridden by other considerations in a consequentialist calculation. In other words, showing some negative effects is not sufficient to make a consequentialist case against all corporal punishment. Other considerations, including possible advantages of corporal punishment, would have to be taken into account. Moreover, because the available evidence shows no serious harm from mild and infrequent corporal punishment, there seem to be poor grounds for suggesting that for retributivists the punishment should be regarded as unacceptably severe.

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The purpose of this article is to list both the advantages and disadvantages of corporal punishment, so that you can decide for yourself if you are supporting or against corporal punishment.

according to them following are the advantages of corporal punishment