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This handout provides information about annotated bibliographies in MLA, APA, and CMS.

Most annotated bibliographies are of this type.

Annotated bibliographies do come in many variations. Pay close attention to the requirements of your assignment. Here are some possible variations:

Depending on the assignment, an annotated bibliography might have different purposes:

Annotated Bibliography Example (The OWL at Purdue):

An annotated bibliography provides a brief account of the available research on a given topic. It is a list of research sources that includes concise descriptions and evaluations of each source.

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The format of an annotated bibliography can differ depending on its purpose and the nature of the assignment. Contents may be listed alphabetically by author or arranged chronologically by publication date. If the bibliography includes a lot of sources, items may also be subdivided thematically or by type. If you are unsure, ask your professor for specific guidelines in terms of length, focus, and the type of annotation you are to write.

Choose APA 6th -- Annotated Bibliography

You may have been assigned to write an annotated bibliography for a course. This guide willhelp you understand how to construct an annotated bibliography.The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to reflect on the things that you have read in yourresearch and begin to synthesize the ideas you have gathered. An annotated bibliography may pointyour readers towards more sources on the topic that may be interesting or helpful for them.You have just been given an assignment to write an annotated bibliography. Before you begin, you need to know what exactly an annotated bibliography is and how to get started.Your annotated bibliography may include some of these, all of these, or even others. If you're doing this for a class, you should get specific guidelines from your instructor.An annotation is a summary and/or evaluation. Therefore, an annotated bibliography includes a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources. Depending on your project or the assignment, your annotations may do one or more of the following.To learn about your topic: Writing an annotated bibliography is excellent preparation for a research project. Just collecting sources for a bibliography is useful, but when you have to write annotations for each source, you're forced to read each source more carefully. You begin to read more critically instead of just collecting information. At the professional level, annotated bibliographies allow you to see what has been done in the literature and where your own research or scholarship can fit. To help you formulate a thesis: Every good research paper is an argument. The purpose of research is to state and support a thesis. So a very important part of research is developing a thesis that is debatable, interesting, and current. Writing an annotated bibliography can help you gain a good perspective on what is being said about your topic. By reading and responding to a variety of sources on a topic, you'll start to see what the issues are, what people are arguing about, and you'll then be able to develop your own point of view.An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.So you need to do an annotated bibliography eh? Good thing you’re not alone. Lots of students have to create them. As a matter of fact, at some point all students have to create one. Its part of that "required" thing you gotta do as a student. Thankfully, you have people. Those people just happen to have done annotated bibliographies before you knew what one was. You could say they have some experience.To help other researchers: Extensive and scholarly annotated bibliographies are sometimes published. They provide a comprehensive overview of everything important that has been and is being said about that topic. You may not ever get your annotated bibliography published, but as a researcher, you might want to look for one that has been published about your topic.3) Click on the Create Bibliography button. For Output Style, under University of St Thomas Specific, select APA-6th: Annotated Bibliography. Follow the regular process to make a bibliography and Voila! A formatted annotated bibliography.Often students need to write annotated bibliographies. If you use RefWorks, you can have it make a bibliography for you and then type your annotation under each of the citations. Nice, but sometimes a headache for formatting.First, you will search, at the library website for the materials your project will require. As you search, you will find relevant material. If I am doing research on ADD, I will find various titles on this subject. One such title is: , written by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. Because this book is on my topic and may be helpful, I will record it for my annotated bibliography: Brown, Thomas E., New Haven, CT: Yale University Press (2005).