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You shouldn’t have to deal with a biased essay. It helps not to bother reading it, period. You could read it if you want a chuckle or feel like getting upset depending on the topic of discussion. Correcting the essay in question wouldn’t help as it’s likely that the person who wrote a full on biased essay wouldn’t care for why his or her paper is considered poorly written and the equivalent of a typed up rant.

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You could say that a biased essay is more of a commentary. Sure you can provide facts for a commentary, but they’re not particularly needed. A biased essay might not even include data or information to support its own point. Why would it?

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A biased essay is simply an essay that doesn’t actually present both or all sides on an issue evenly. It doesn’t touch on the opposing side’s concerns or points. This means that the author of the essay wouldn’t need to address or challenge the other side and can simply ramble through their essay with little to no need of facts.

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