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February 1, 2007, 4:42 AM |The new Budweiser advertisements that will air during Super Bowl XLI. GO

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In the article, , Cinzia Bianchi, after analyzing an advertisement and pointing out its signifiers and signified, states that “the image, in the advertisement, is therefore much more complex than the linguistic message.” This further explains what I had said before. After learning about the Semiotics theory you are going to find advertisements completely different than before you knew what a signifier was. People who do not know about this theory, will more than likely be like I was when looking at say a Budweiser advertisements, they will see the horses but not understand that they actually stand for something other than a horse.

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Budweiser Advertisements | The Hydroplane Programme Covers Project

Advertisements are EVERYWHERE! The advertisement for Budweiser drew me in because I always wondered why in the world they would use a horse for an advertisement. After learning about the Semiotics theory I finally understand that the horses stand for something else, power and strength. This is a very good theory for people to learn about because it will help them understand how they can communicate through signs. People who normally look at advertisements will eventually learn to look at the advertisement differently, like I myself did with the Budweiser advertisements.

Budweiser Advertisements

Clydesdale horses symbolizing strong, a smile symbolizing happy, a man standing over a woman symbolizing dominance, these are all things that people analyze while looking at advertisements. Semiotics is when basically anything can stand for/symbolize something else. Advertisers use what is called signifier and signified; in my examples at the beginning the Clydesdale horse would be the signifier and strong would be the signified. The Clydesdale horse is used in the Budweiser advertisement. The horse, being so big and overpowering, signifies something that would be strong; which in turn makes the person looking at the advertisement think they would be strong by drinking this product.

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