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7 Disadvantages of Mobile Phones…

Perhaps one of the disadvantages of mobile phones is the very fact that we are so fascinated with them. Many enthusiasts feel compelled to "upgrade" their mobile phones on a very frequent basis, looking forward to the and the , among countless other handsets. And that's just for now. These enthusiasts will want a different phone next month, as well as all the accessories and peripherals that may go along with it.

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7 Disadvantages of Mobile Phones…

Again, because of this constant form of communication, people also feel compelled to keep communicating while behind the steering wheel. There are certainly many issues surround and that's partly why the was introduced. What are the disadvantages of mobile phones? Just ask the victims of motor vehicle accidents involving cell phone usage.

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Although they appear to be absolutely indispensable communication tools these days, you may be wonder what are the disadvantages of mobile phones? Believe it or not, mobile phones have their negatives as well.

By 2006 there were 223 million mobile phone users in the US. We all know the advantages, but what are the disadvantages of mobile phones?…

While it may not be completely fair to clump the entire cell phone industry into one tight package ( are distinctly different from , for instance), there are certain commonalities among most cell phones. That's why when you ask what are the disadvantages of mobile phones, you will come across a similar set of possible responses.We may have adequately addressed the question, "What are the disadvantages of mobile phones?" That said, it would be unfair to paint the cell phone industry under such a negative air. Mobile phones provide a great level of convenience and safety to those who use it, and they can substantially improve the productivity of workers, whether they be blue-collar, white-collar, or no collar. However you feel about mobile phones, one thing is clear. They're here to stay... just don't always look at them through a rose-tinted lens.Although the have not been officially confirmed or refuted, there is certainly some evidence that points toward . When you consider what are the disadvantages of mobile phones, perhaps the greatest negative impact could be the effects that mobile phones may have on a person's health. Among the negative health effects associated with proximity to cell phone towers are DNA damage, sleeplessness, eye cancer, infertility, cardiac problems, and chronic fatigue.Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones It is for a fact that having a mobile phone now a days is a sort of a necessity and it is an inevitable truth that mobile industry is taking everyone by a storm. From the very basic thing of making a call to texting, and now internet access for just a touch of your finger tips. Do you have one of these? or do you know somebody who enjoys having such stuff? I do have one of those too and I wont deny the fact that I enjoys using them. So as one of the million subscriber of this technology I will share you some of the advantages and disadvantages I found, out of having a mobile phone. First here are some advantages of having it: It keeps you in constant contact with people you consider important It can help you seek help immediately during emergency cases Its a sense of being financially uplifted. Through mobile phones you can lessen your boredom, example listen to your favorite music and as well as watching movies through downloading. It can take photos Mobile phones also gives us easier access on the internet You can carry it anywhere It has a lot of useful function like calendar, making notes, alarm clock, timer and calculator. No doubt, our mobile phone makes our life more convenient, but as the saying goes every technology has its equal negative side and mobile phones are not so especial, to be exempted. Here are some disadvantages of having it: Expensive People spend less time bonding with there family and friends People just contact through phone and became too lazy meeting outside Disturb us on our works and studies People spend lots and lots of money buying the latest model Affects our body because of radiation it produces Easily broken mobile phone makes it easier to invade privacy In the end, I hope you can weigh the advantages and the disadvantages I have mentioned to help you use your mobile phone in a responsible manner. We humans created mobile phones and it is all up to our control... So mobile phones should be used with good cautiousness, only as a media of communication and not a mode of harassment, disturbance or spying. It is advisable to keep the mobile phones in silent mode or to keep it switched off, in the sensitive places and situations. There are many disadvantages of using mobile phones but it's up to us how well we manage our devices.Mobile phone is a good technology which is not lacking from our lives. This report will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.Mobile Phones question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone? ... the disadvantages and advantages of the advanced mobile phone servicde? ... - Cached