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Even if you didn’t eat your veggies or drink your milk as a child, your height is still in your hands, according to new findings by economists from USC, Harvard University and Peking University.

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“Had we only examined the correlations between measured height and health, we would have missed this important insight,” said John Strauss, professor of economics in USC Dornsife, an investigator on a study published in the April issue of the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. “The evidence shows that it is not only early-life events that are associated with how we age, but health decisions in later life as well.”

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“Height has been recognized as an acceptable proxy for childhood health conditions, but there are complications there,” said Geert Ridder, professor and interim chair of economics in USC Dornsife, a co-investigator on the study. “Some of adult health might be determined by childhood circumstances, but people shrink differentially, and that shrinkage is also a measure of adult health conditions.”

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