Because of that, We think national examination should be abolished.

So I would like to end off my speech by saying that examinations should be abolished in schools.

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Therefore, I question that I want to ask you is, “What’s the point of having examinations, when it causes many negative impact?? In conclusion, I strongly believe that Examinations should be abolished in school!!

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Examination Should Not Be Abolished Essay. 1999. 1996.

Reason To Choose Background Realizing that the implementation of national exam is not appropriate with its former purpose, I am interested in taking the topics ³ NATIONAL EXAMINATION SHOULD BE ABOLISHED´ in this paper.

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There may be many reasons by students why they think examinations should be abolished, but this one reason rises high above all, in terms of importance: Examinations are the only way of determining the students understanding the subject.

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In conclusion , abolishing examinations would have more negative impacts compared to positive impacts . So i stress my point , i repeat it , Examinations should not be abolished in schools .In conclusion, I think that examinations should be abolished in schools as it put students under tremendous stress and while students are in great stress, some of them do not really benefit from the examination. Thank you.