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Examples of primary sources: Mass media

"Mass media" is a deceptively simple term encompassing a countless array of institutions and individuals who differ in purpose, scope, method, and cultural context. Mass media include all forms of information communicated to large groups of people, from a handmade sign to an international news network. There is no standard for how large the audience needs to be before communication becomes "mass" communication. There are also no constraints on the type of information being presented. A car advertisement and a U.N. resolution are both examples of mass media.

Mass media is the means that are used to communicate to the general public

To Entertain: Entertainment is the biggest service of the mass media. ... Even though the power of the mass media is to inform it is almost incredible. ... To Influence: The power of the mass media to change people"s minds directly is very limited. ... The most obvious and prevalent example of mass media influence is advertising. ... vNew forms of communication will in doubt come from already existing forms of mass media. ...

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Examples of primary sources: Mass media