I’d also add another: fear of wasting time.


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Do you doubt your career move because you are afraid that you are going to waste time! Yet again?

You do not have a quit your job straight away, in fact you can can get easily started by just taking baby steps. The number dream killer is inaction. Do not let the " fear of wasting time" stop you from moving forward. Watch this video to discover you can start taking small steps to explore one of your life's passion.

Implicit in the fear of wasting time is the notion that certain critical

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Nothing is more common with souls who have not yet acquired much experience in the ways of the spiritual life, than the fear about which you have consulted me; I mean the fear of wasting time in the prayer of the simple presence of God. But it is easy to reassure such souls, and to reassure you also. For this it suffices to recall to your mind the principle laid down by the divine Master: "the tree is known by its fruits." That which produces only good effects cannot but be good. Besides, your own experience teaches you, that since you applied yourself to this kind of prayer you have become, interiorly, greatly changed for the better. You have, then, only to thank God for the favour He has granted you in substituting as He has, the peaceful action of His grace for the agitation of your natural activity. I wish you could accustom yourself always to judge of your progress and the state of your soul by the infallible rules of faith and the counsels of the Gospel. When you find that your ways, your ideas, and your conduct agree with the teachings of faith, and with the practice of the saints, you may hold them to be good, and perfectly safe. In this no illusion is possible, as it is when one judges oneself by sensible impressions, which are always deceptive. To guide one's conduct by these impressions is to take a weathervane, which turns with every wind, for a mariner's compass. It is impossible to navigate safely unless guided by the sure and infallible rules of faith which make us turn away from sin, love God and our neighbour, detach us from creatures, and lead us to obedience, self-forgetfulness, complete submission to the will of God, abnegation and mortification. The kind of prayer which produces these effects is, without doubt, the best.

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Title: Britons Ignore Symptoms of Serious Illness for Fear of Wasting GPs Time
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Fear of wasting time