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Lived here as a sophomore at USC and I definitely had a good time =D
I got SUPER lucky with my lottery time so I was able to get me and my friend in here.

The usual layout is two bedrooms (4 residents) with a large bathroom, kitchen and living room. I lived with one of my friends in a one bedroom so there was only 2 of us! Everything is furnished so we had beds, desks, a couch, an armchair, coffee table, and a little bar area right near the kitchen that came with two big bar stool chairs. It was nice to eat breakfast/do homework there.

Pretty quiet so it was easy to get work done/get sleep (^0^)
Tons of closet space!! great for girls ;)
Nice kitchen appliances
Used to right next to Cafe 84 but now it's right next to a dining hall
Right next to the gym!
Easy to walk to class or the row haha
Your student ID is your key to your room!! So handy.
Student Health center is right there too

No microwave included...
Bathroom was pretty small but since there were only two of us it wasn't that bad
No dishwasher
Elevators are pretty slow
Have to go to Fluor Tower when you get a package in the mail

Fluor Tower's Latino Floor, Sol y Luna, celebrated their 40th anniversary Wednesday at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center Ballroom.

USC Fluor Tower - College Confidential

What do you enjoy most about being a faculty master?
Over the past 15 months, I’ve advised Fluor Tower (and Webb Tower) students who have struggled with financial hardship, class performance, decisions regarding their major or minor, etc. It’s a great feeling when I can help students make choices that enhance their experiences at USC.

How long have you been a resident faculty member?  This is my second year as the faculty master at Fluor Tower.

Q: When do I move into Webb?
A: You may move in between 8am - 8pm on Sunday the day before the start of your internship. Check-in is located in the lobby of Fluor Tower, a building located two buildings to the left from Webb on 34th St.

The address of Fluor Tower Usc is 1027 West 34th Street, Los Ageles, CA-90007, California, United states.