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Friendship essays deal with your personal views about the subject, so, you really need to think a little deeper to generate ideas for your essay on friendship. First of all, you should define what a friend stands for; then, you should evaluate the characteristics of friend and extract some famous quotes on friendship to brainstorm for ideas about essays on friendship. Let’s suppose, you have a friend whose name is Charles, here’s how you should brainstorm for ideas:

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When writing a friendship essay, as with other academic essays, you should always have a clear introduction that lays out the main points that you wish to present in the body of the essay. It could be the 3 or 4 top things that you like about your friend, or the 3 main definitions of friendship. It’s always good to do a little bit of research so you can find out how others have answered your question or defined what friendship is, and should never forget to end your essay with a strong and concise conclusion.

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A friendship essay can be so hard to write because it’s often hard to write about what ideas and concepts mean. It’s sometimes even harder to write about what a friend means to you personally. Sometimes you are asked to write about what friendship means, and that can be a difficult question to answer because friendship can mean many different things to each individual person. In these cases it’s best to pick out a few main points and concentrate your topic around those main ideas. This is a technique that can be used when writing about an individual friend as well.

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