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'My Greatest Ambition' by Morris Lurie About the Author Morris Lurie was born in Melbourne in 1938

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“My Greatest Ambition” is a short story written by Morris Lurie in 1984. The story is about a boy who wants to be a comic-strip artist one day. He explains his friend’s attitudes towards his job in first person narration. He draws his first comic and then sends it to a magazine for publication with the help of his friend. The magazine really likes his comic and they want to have it. They offer him some money. Lurie the protagonist becomes very excited and draws his second comic. He then again, sends it to the magazine. The magazine rejects his second work and Lurie gets very disappointed. He grew out of comics after that.

Summary: The story “My Greatest Ambition” is about a young boy of the age 13 who draws comic strips

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The whole story is in first person. It gives it an edge and rawness that would have been missing if it had been any other way. “My greatest ambition was to be a comic strip artist but I grew out of it”. Many of the statements are made with a tongue in cheek kind of humour -”My mother thought I was studying in there.

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“My Greatest Ambition” probes the insecurities and inadequacies of adolescence. It is also about how condescendingly adults treat the ambitions and hopes of adolescents. When Nu declares he wants to be a comic strip artist, they think it is a passing fancy and say, “He’ll grow out of it”. Nu chooses to speak to his friend about his ambition as he wants to share it with someone non-judgmental.

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My Greatest Ambition is an autobiography written by Morris Lurie; therefore, it is in first person. The story is an episode of his childhood that he is remembering and reliving through the eyes of adulthood. The tone is of a child talking to you -quite informal- he gets easily distracted and side-tracked.