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For a more basic guide, with lots of ideas for specific writing tasks, please look at my guide to original writing for GCSE. Click on the link below to go to this guide:

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Here's one of my original writer's notebook lessons. To assist our students as they maintain writer's notebooks for the classroom, my wife () and I created monthly ; the first card is for September, the last for May. Each Bingo card comes with twenty-four ideas and suggestions for creating a unique notebook page that--once added and later looked back upon--might very well inspire future writing. Students receive a new Bingo card on the first day of every month; if they create a "Bingo" by completing five ideas "in a row," they earn a special sticker for their notebook, and the same award is applied if they make a "four corners." I have students who choose not to use the Bingo card's suggestions at all (because they have their own ideas ready-to-go), I have others who do a few suggestions from the card but not enough to win a sticker, and I have students who are completely dependent on the card for their notebook ideas.

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For a more advanced guide, please look at my tutorial on original writing for Advanced course work. Click on the link below to go to this guide:

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