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Orthello 3.0 released, adding Unity2D SpriteRenderer + Box2D Physics support

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Orthello 2.9 is released that supports Windows 8 METRO app and Windows Phone 8 development. a new Orthello extension : has been released. Visualize your data using these 2D bar, stacked bar, line and stancked line chart elements.

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Orthello is a FREE 2D Development Framework for Unity3D that can be used to create 2D games and applications.

Orthello has inspired 3rd party developers to create tools that integrate with orthello.

This Orthello user guide will provide information about the structure of the Orthello 2D framework and give all information that you need to create your own applications and games in Unity3D.

Orthello 2D Framework is a 3D to 2D framework to work with sprites, spritesheets and animations