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I have put together a page of winning children’s poems by Fitzwilliam Primary School on the topic of Victorian child miners. They include lots of figurative language such as alliteration, personification, similes and metaphors, and different poem forms such as acrostics, list poems and senses poems.

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Pupils can now write their own sense poem. Help them to choose their subject and allow them to refer to the senses you wrote on the board in the introduction. You may want to give each pupil a copy of the examples on the reverse of this lesson plan.

Best Answer: A 5-sense poem is a poem having to do with your senses ie

Many of my poems are inspired by the senses. Poetry is led by the senses in the respect that we write poems about what we see, hear, touch, smell, taste and feel automatically. The senses are a part of our life and influence every thought that passes through our mind, so senses poetry is far more natural than we sometimes realise.
However, many poems are very specifically focussing on the senses, and I have written some of these senses poems specifically for use in schools to encourage children to use their senses when studying something to write poems about. This category therefore includes all of my poems which are specifically about the senses. I have included a brief description of each poem, together with details of what figurative writing and poetic techniques it includes in the hope that you will find something to suit your purposes easier.

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