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's Sonnet 31 is one of the numerous sonnets in his sequence addressed to a well-born young man. Developing an idea introduced at the end of Sonnet 30, this sonnet figures the young man's superiority in terms of the possession of all the love the speaker has ever experienced.

Sonnet 31

Sir Phillip Sydney's Sonnet 31 from Astophel and Stella

Sonnet 31 brings to a pitch the critique of traditional beliefs from sonnets29 and 30. Just as many commentators blithely dismiss the importance ofthe 14 increase sonnets to the logic of the set, they seek to obviate thecritique of traditional beliefs in the three sonnets. But since the increasesonnets are logically placed to introduce the set, it follows that Shakespearewould have articulated the truth and beauty dynamic of sonnets 20 to 126based on the preconditions they establish.

Sonnet 31 is one of 154 sonnets written by the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare

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