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Hopes can change a person’s ability to make choice. Society determines the role that every individual must adapt to according to age, gender, race and so on. In Sherman Alexie’s article, Superman and Me, he expressed his unsatisfied to discrimination of the society by showing his passion of obtaining knowledge from books. The author wanted the audience to understand his view of equality by telling his life story. He’s a Indian who grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in eastern Washington State to a middle-class family that consisted of a mother, father, older brother and three sisters. He organizes his essay in a chronological structure. His father was trying to make the family live better. He love his father and he love books. Alexie’s argument against the discriminative eyes of the population begins to become stronger to detect in the middle of his piece of writing. By reading the different kind of books, he learnt to think deeply and which made him smart and wise. He could totally understand what was happening around him which race and ethnicity can change views and victimize by labeling. He supposed to fail but he refused to. He recognizes that reading is non-discriminative. Everything contains words that can form ideas, sentences, opinions, and etc. It was a relief from understanding that words can be a source of pleasure and an escape from hatred. He determines that the love of literature had a purpose on his life, to try to save his life. He paints a picture of himself speaking to kids who remind him of the struggle to be Indian in the non-Indian environment. He points out the different peers of that class that strive for distinction or fade into the shadows that culture created for them. Finally, my conclusion to reading this piece of work is that now I will treat diversity in a new way. I will no longer judge due to differences. Yet, I still wonder, why did he reveal the fact that his father...

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Introducing students to Alexie's essay "Superman and Me" gives students a window into a minority writer's love of books and how they, too, can discover their inner reader.

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Sherman Alexie's "Superman and Me" is a revealing look into Native American culture. He expresses how Native Americans feel they are perceived by the world...

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