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8 Hidden reasons for workplace absenteeism

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Canadian workplace absenteeism rates are high by global standards and are on the rise, and the costs are "striking," a study released today shows. But employers "appear relaxed" in understanding, monitoring and managing shorter-term, casual absences, The Conference Board of Canada study says.

Workplace absenteeism high and rising

Forbes: The Causes and Costs Of Absenteeism in The Workplace

Over the past few years, our blog has discussed in detail, issues associated with lost productivity resulting from employee absenteeism that is brought about by elder caregiving. But what are other ‘common’ causes of workplace absenteeism? This is Part 2, the concluding information we wanted to present with an accounting of lost productivity in the workplace by occupation; a different look that we hope you find informative.

Workplace absenteeism is a major concern these days––and with good reason. Even casual absenteeism costs Canadian employers billions of dollars a year.

Workplace absenteeism